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Ashley Speaks About Many Topics Including The Metaverse & Web3Future of BusinessFashion TechnologyRetail TechnologyDigital TwinsDirect to AvatarAugmented RealityVirtual RealitySpatial Computing<br /> XRInnovationEmerging TechnologyVirtual BeingsFuture of WorkFuture of MarketingFuture of ManufacturingCGI InfluencersPersonal Branding for Women in Tech

Ashley has a significant reputation as a thought-provoking and insightful speaker at events and conferences around the world.

With over 10 years working in tech and immersive computing, she has deep knowledge to address audiences across industries on what they can to today to advance their technology adoption and increase innovation across their organization.

Ashley speaks on many topics across technology and always tailors each presentation based on the audience to ensure everyone leaves inspired with actionable take aways to improve their job today. Tell us what you want the audience to leave thinking, feeling and doing and she will customize and craft a talk, or deliver a fireside chat or an interactive Q&A session designed to achieve that outcome.

Past speaking events include AWE 2022Innovation Footwear Summit 2021, AWE Asia 2021, eCommerce Week LA 2020, TEDx  PI Apparel NYLA Games Conference 2022, AWE 2021,The US Chamber of Commerce and at the Augmented World Expo.

Ashley is represented by Scale Strategies for speaking engagements. Please fill out the form or email and copy Thank you!

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